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Timeline of the Universal Century

Mobile Suite Rules

Mobile Suite Weapons

Principality of Zeon Mobile Suits

MS-05 Zaku

MS-06 Zaku II


Principality of Zeon Mobile Armors

Pricinpality of Zeon Space Vehicles

Pricinpality of Zeon Land Vehicles

Pricinpality of Zeon Air Vehicles

Pricinpality of Zeon Water Vehicles


Earth Federation Mobile Suits

Earth Federation Mobile Armors

​​​​Earth Federation Space Vehicles

Earth Federation Land Vehicles

  • Big Tray-class
  • Heavy Fork-class
  • M72 Lakota
  • Type 61 Tank
  • Type 74 Hover Truck

Earth Federation Air Vehicles

  • Depp Rog
  • Dish
  • Don Escargot
  • Dragonfly
  • Fanfan
  • Fly Manta
  • Gunperry
  • Medea
  • FF-3 Saberfish

Earth Federation Water Vehicles

  • Himalaya-class

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